An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.
— Jack Welch, Former GE CEO


Selling congruence begins with a highly skilled and opportunistic Sales team that is adept at locating new opportunity.  

The content & coaching in this element will help your business:

  • Build A Compelling Narrative
  • Learn The Latest Lead Development Techniques
  • Improve Lead Conversion 


Engagement is the skill that transforms prospects into opportunity.  Delivering relevant messaging in the language of the business stakeholder will set you apart from your competitors.

Content & Coaching in this element will help your business:

  • Create Engaging & Relevant Stakeholder Messaging
  • Develop Compelling Conversation Starters
  • Overcome Common Early Stage Objections




Delivering concise and influential presentations is a key skill that, when mastered, will dramatically improve sales closure rates.

Content & Coaching in this element will help your business:

  • Develop Presentations That Drive Outcomes
  • Improve The Ability To Tell Your Story
  • Speak With Authority To Audiences Of Any Size

Every time we engage CNVRG we end up gaining more practical knowledge than we expected which, in nearly all cases, had an immediate positive impact on our business.
The content CNVRG delivers is ALWAYS relevant to our business and to the customers we serve.


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