Content Delivery Overview

The elements in the delivery options will help grow opportunity in a time sensitive selling environment.

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online knowledge library

Skill development begins with a baseline of fundamental knowledge. The content in this element is organized into curriculum with lessons that are less that 15 minutes in length.

This Sales Knowledge Library will allow you to focus growth in three key selling skill areas (Prospecting, Engagement and Presentations) and do it in a relaxed, immersive and self-paced environment.

It also includes modules on professional branding, time management and practical business knowledge.

You'll Need These Credentials:

Email:  Password: cnvrgtest

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Experience is where you learn the CONTEXT of what you are selling.  In a traditional business model experience is gained over time as a salesperson makes mistakes.  Not only is this inefficient but it leads to an environment of high employee turnover.

The Experience Library delivers a rich multimedia online learning experience where salespeople can watch, listen and learn real-world sales messaging from an experienced salesperson.  This allows them to "mimic" the messaging and gain immediate sales traction as they build the necessary time in front of customers. 

This element is included in the paid subscription membership Learn More >>

You'll Need These Credentials:

Email:  Password: cnvrgtest

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online & live COACHING & mentoring

As good as online education has become there is no replacement for live interaction with an experienced mentor or coach.  

These are the only paid elements in our portfolio of services.  They are delivered live (on site) or through video/audio collaboration tools.

Become a member and let's start a dialogue.

Coaching and mentoring is on a per hour consulting rate.  Ask me about how you can locate a sponsor for this expense.


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