Wearing Multiple Hats

A mid-West technology Reseller had been experience the pain associated with double digital revenue growth.  Most prominently was the pain of support staff having to wear multiple hats.  A necessary element of all start-up companies, the wearing of multiple hats can take a toll on operational efficiency and for this client it was really beginning to have a negative impact on profitability.  

Already having a relationship with the CEO, CNVRG was brought in to assess the environment and to locate areas of the business that could be taken back from operational staff.  

"For small businesses, marketing is an element that is difficult to justify dedicated headcount.  However, marketing is an area of the business that when done properly can make it easier to identify new opportunity and help the business grow more efficiently." says Jim Sevier, Founder of CNVRG. "It was clear from the beginning that the person wearing the marketing hat was not experienced enough (nor did they want) to handle the added workload."


Enter Marketing-as-a-Service (MaaS)

Marketing-As-A-Service, offered by CNVRG, allows businesses to get the marketing development they need without having to hire a full time employee.  MaaS offers best practices in strategy, awareness & demand generation, buyer personas, outreach messaging and even includes web site development and Search Engine Optimizing & Marketing.  Best of all MaaS is delivered as a manageable monthly expense with no long term contract commitment.  


The Benefits & Payoff

"The financial flexibility of MaaS allows start-ups and businesses of any size to get the marketing services they need to keep their business running optimally." says the Reseller CEO.  "For our business that meant we could greatly reduce expensive web development and maintenance cost, have more relevant messaging for our markets and our staff could focus on orders and invoices." 

"For this client they were able to avoid a $25K SEO/SEM contract, eliminate $300 per instance web revision costs, improve the clarity and relevance of their message and increase traffic to their online store." says Jim Sevier.  "Furthermore our MaaS offering has morphed into helping train a part-time employee who has a marketing background.  Eventually we see our relationship develop into other areas of the business such as Sales Leadership-as-a-Service.(SLaaS)"

To Learn more about MaaS send an email to BeginNow@CNVRG.com