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School Safety

A good friend and I were having dinner a while back when the topic of school shootings came up. She is a former Diplomatic Security Services Agent, worked in the White House Situation Room and was on the Benghazi Committee and I was mentoring a Kentucky technology firm on digital transformation.

The words “we should do something” were spoken and within a few short months we hosted an event that brought together Federal Law Enforcement, Security Technology Manufacturers and my KY client with more than 14 schools from at least 5 districts in KY.

The discussion was engaging and the knowledge exchange was priceless. Recently over dinner the words “we should turn this into a 501c” were spoken…


A production short of the kentucky Safe Schools Event

Event Moderation - Lexington Marriott, June 2018

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“Bridging The Digital Divide”

Headlining Presentation for 2017 Impact TEDx Greenville Event

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The Digital divide

On a trip to England I was on the tube and noticed signs everywhere about “minding the gap”. The gap was the space between the platform and the train.

Reading the sign it occurred to me that there is also a gap separating those that have the ability to access the Internet and those that do not. It is a gap that is growing at an alarming rate and it includes millions of people…in the US!

Then I thought “I should do something about that” and at a business networking event I spoke with a peer about this growing problem and an idea that I had for solving it. Turns out she headed TEDx Greenville and thought the idea was worthy enough to make it the headline topic for Impact 2017.

In this 11 minute video you will hear me speak about the problem of literacy in the US, broadband access cost and the unique solution I have for the problem.


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