Jim Sevier



what’s in a name?

When you operate a company for as long as I have you get attached to the name. It’s like your cell number. Once it’s there it’s easier to keep it because teaching everyone a new number is too time consuming. So, I have CNVRG which is a shortened [URL friendly] version of the word “CONVERGE”. At the time I thought the word was pretty cool but I was younger then so what did I know? Suffice it to say that it’s the name I have and the businesses and professionals that I have COACHED on 3 continents already know me by it. So I am sticking with it.


The other thing that hasn’t changed in all the years as an entrepreneur [another cool word] is my reputation. I continually strive to give more than I get and leave things in better shape then when I first encountered them. This was taught to me by my father and is part of the COACHING I deliver. I am not perfect but I am purposeful in seeing to it that my clients benefit from the knowledge and experience I have accumulated throughout my professional career.

my secret sauce

Being COACHABLE has always been my “secret sauce”. As the phrase infers being COACHABLE is something that is a continuous part of every aspect of my life. Why? Because everything in life changes and having a coach (or coaches) helping you adapt to change is always BETTER, FASTER and CHEAPER than going it alone.


what is a coach?

A coach is someone who provides training and guidance. Coaches utilize their experience to improve skill and remove time consuming trial and error learning.

what is the coachable?

THE COACHABLE is a multi-disciplined online environment created to reduce the time it takes to reach your goal. It includes a library of online content focused on business, sales and career development. It is a place to learn at your own pace and time table. Most of all it is offered without cost or obligation as a D.I.Y. resource.

why should you HAVE A COACH?

In most situations we learn by doing. This time consuming trial and error activity is referred to as “experience” and is continually putting you at a disadvantage. Utilizing a COACH allows you to focus helping you reach the destination faster than doing it on your own. COACHES accomplish this by lending their experience and real-world knowledge reducing the time it takes for you to become proficient. A great example of this is the use of COACHES in professional sports.

how does this work exactly?

It begins with signing up and becoming a member which gives you access to the online content. Included with your membership is an initial one-hour consult that comes without cost or obligation to continue. The first session is an important step to be certain that COACHING is right for you. I also validate where you should focus your efforts so that you can achieve the best results.


CNVRG has been providing education and mentoring to our channel partners for over 10 years. Jim’s value has proven itself time and time again.
— SC Upstate Technology Distributor
Working with Jim on my online professional brand helped me secure an interview 2 months after graduating from college. He also coached me through the interview process which helped me land the job.
— East Coast College Graduate
In a few hours Jim walked our team through a messaging and outreach development strategy that altered our go-to-market and improved our brand.
— SC Recruitment Contracting Firm
I was stuck in a job that was going nowhere. Working with Jim helped me to understand my strengths and with his coaching I was able to locate and secure a leadership position with an innovative and forward thinking company.
— MidWest Technology Professional
Working with CNVRG was a one-stop digital transformation shop. Jim provided marketing and messaging strategy, a cost effective web site redesign and an online store.
— KY Technology Startup
I was a top performer in sales for many years but I failed to keep up with rapidly changing customer behavior. This eventually led to poor sale performance and I was put on a plan. My company hired Jim to work with me and I quickly got back to the top of the leader board. Thank you Jim!
— East Coast Sales Professional